Pet safety: dangers to pets’ health in daily life

Safety matters of keeping pets at home

Your pets rely on you to protect them from harm. In general, you should only feed your pet food and snacks specially formulated for the type of pet you own. Some human foods and beverages can make animals sick, please keep them out of the reach of pets. Here are some examples:

§ 1. Alcoholic beverages

§ 2. Substances containing caffeine, such as coffee

§ 3. Chocolate

§ 4. Fat-rich foods, especially water droplets and oils during cooking

§ 5. Chicken and turkey bones

§ 6, grapes and raisins

§ 7, onion

§ 8, macadamia nuts

§ 9. Salt and sugar

§ 10. Yeast dough

§ 11. All medicines (aspirin is especially harmful to cats)

Many other things in or around your home can cause serious illness or even death for your pet. Here are some examples:

§ 1. Antifreeze

§ 2. Rodent bait

§ 3. Batteries (they can contain corrosive fluids)

§ 4. Car care products, such as detergent or oil

§ 5. Fertilizer

§ 6. Gorilla Glue (or similar products)

§ 7. Household cleaners

§ 8. Melting ice products

§ 9. Nicotine products

§ 10. Insecticide

11. Plants that are poisonous to pets

§ 12. Swimming pool or pond products

§ 13, Viper

§ 14. Utensils with food on them (such as steak knives)

Other potential hazards in the home include burning candles that may be knocked over, wires may be chewed, and loose wires or wires may entangle animals. Look around your house and make sure it is safe for pets.

Safety when traveling with pets

Here are some things to avoid when traveling with pets:

§ Safety belts must be worn for pets and do not allow your pets to sit behind the open-top truck. If you need to brake suddenly or make a sharp turn, he may get injured. Leashing an animal to a truck will not solve the problem; he may still be seriously injured or killed. If you must use the back of the truck to transport pets, place the animal in a fixed safety crate to prevent it from moving around on the floor of the truck.

§ In hot weather, do not leave your pet in the car, even for a few minutes. Even if the windows are wide open, the car will quickly become hot, causing heat stroke, brain damage and even death.

Finally, don’t let your pet wander around. He or she may be injured or killed by running away. Your pet is unaware of the dangers of speeding, poison bait, or intrusion into other people’s property.

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