Dog Blues (Ⅱ)

Last time, we’ve talked about the manifestations of depression in dogs. This time, let’s consider the possible causes of it and how to improve it!

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Reason 1: Medical Illness

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to monitor the health of our dogs. Dog depression may be a medical relationship, the pain generated during the medical treatment may lead to depression in dogs, so observes changes in the dog’s mood in daily life is required.

Reason 2: Environmental changes

If the living environment suddenly changes, such as being sent to the owner’s friend’s home to foster, or the owner’s family relocated to a new house, the pet will generally show a bit of discomfort and feel at a loss. Also, if owners have new baby, the dogs may be jealous.

Reason 3: Separation anxiety and pet owner separation

When the owner left home without them, they will feel very uneasy, nervous and even depressed.

Reason 4: A depressed owner

Owner’s emotional state can also lead to the onset of depression in dogs. People with depression may not take care of their dogs, which can lead to their dogs being depressed and frustrated.

Reason 5: Weather or seasonal changes

Many people are depressed because of the weather, for example, they feel bad mood when it is cloudy and raining, similarly a dog’s mood can be affected to a large extent by the season or weather.

Reason 6: Old age

Just like humans will die when they grow up, dogs can also feel the time when life is nearing its end. This is the time when dogs can also feel depressed, even lead to depression.

Then, how to solve the hidden problems above?

Method 1: More exercise

The endorphins released during exercise can help humans improve their mood, and so can dogs, their spirits will be good when they are healthy. Therefore, taking your dog out for more walks and playing can cure depression!

Method 2: Positive training rewards

Training puppies by rewarding them. Again for a dog with depression, this method of reward is important. Rewards can cheer up a dog with depression and make him feel happy.

Method 3: A new companion

The mood of a dog who has lost a companion will be affected. At this time, if a new companion is added to the family and they have a partner to play with, their mood will improve, and thus the depression will improve accordingly.

Method 4: Social interaction

Make your Dogs and other dogs interact is a kind of companionship exercise, when they have a companion, they will feel happy, too.

Method 5: Go on a trip

Take your dog to travel, during the trip, your dog’s mood will be improved, a change of environment the mood will be different when the scenery is nice, the symptoms of depression can also be improved.

Method 6: Increase the time of companionship

Have time to accompany them more, call them to play at home, so that they gradually adapt to the living environment, thus to reduce emotional problems.

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